Slide VOTE Wayne P. Harris For NOBLE National Treasurer


“I have worked in the law enforcement industry for over 30 years, beginning as an intern assigned as the liaison between the Rochester, NY Police Department and the gangs operating in our streets, and rising through the ranks to the position of Deputy Police Chief.

I was fortunate throughout my career to enjoy opportunities that influenced my time spent in uniform. Those opportunities include a research fellowship at the Police Foundation and attending the 244th session of the FBI National Academy.

I have chosen to continue working in law enforcement to foster professionalism throughout the industry and improve service to our communities, and this will remain my focus as our National Treasurer.”


“My philosophy on public service is based on accountability, collaboration, and equity. I believe law enforcement agencies, as well as the citizens they serve, are accountable to each other for the welfare of their community, and I firmly believe that the administration of justice must be equitable to all.

As a servant leader, I have been and remain committed to demonstrating integrity in all that I do, and when elected I will uphold that standard as NOBLE’s National Treasurer.”


Engagement is critically important in police community relations to foster collaboration to improve quality of life issues in our neighborhoods. Engagement occurs when focused interaction and dialogue are initiated and sustained between two or more different individuals or groups. Engagement involves proactively seeking opportunities to interact for the purpose of building the relationship or addressing concerns that are mutually impactful to all.

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