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Wayne P. Harris

For NOBLE National Second Vice President
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My philosophy on public service is based on accountability, collaboration, and equity. I believe law enforcement agencies and the citizens they serve are accountable to each other and for the welfare of their community. Problems don’t get solved in silos. They are solved through a cooperative collaboration between all aspects of the community. I firmly believe that the administration of justice must be equitable to all.

I am running for Second VP on the following platforms:

As a servant leader, I have been and remain committed to demonstrating integrity in all that I do. If elected, I will uphold that standard as NOBLE’s National Second Vice President.


The reality of policing is that no agency has the resources to accomplish everything they are called to do. I believe successful policing only occurs when the relationship between the community and their police agencies is strong. Cooperation, collaboration, and communication between both sides are essential components of a healthy society, and they are only established through engagement.

Police and communities must proactively develop strategies and mutually address the quality-of-life issues that impact everyone. Moreover, through engagement, both sides will develop a full understanding of each other. The community will have a thorough understanding of what policing entails, and the police will be in a better position to assist their neighbors when they have a thorough understanding of how their municipalities developed.

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